Under the Dead Man's Hat

by Robert W. Walker


When Dr. Jude Avery teams up with Dr. Sybil Shanley, two medical examiners for Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, they go after the most wanted, savage killers in the city. A team of two violent men known as the Veteran killers graduate to become the Nun killers. The murderers’ intent appears on the surface to be to ‘shock and awe’ the public. And it is working thanks to the sheer level of extreme depravity and their choice of victims—easily the most revered and vulnerable in society. Will they graduate to child murder?


With one monster in custody, the investigation leads Avery and Shanley to LA, where one of the killers has fled. The entire picture, as to why the killers bludgeoned the victims and filmed their deaths, in the age of the internet, becomes clearer with each new lead. But each answer is increasingly horrifying.


The closer Jude and Sybil get to the truth, the more heinous and gut-wrenching the actual reasoning of the murderers becomes. And as they get closer still to the truth, they must rely more on one another and their weapons, both those on their hips and those in the laboratory.





—Kirkus Reviews


“Walker’s whip-smart dialogue, vivid characters, and ever-building tension make his novels always a terrifically compelling read.”

—Tess Gerritsen, bestselling author of The Keepsake


“Filled with surprises, clever twists, and wonderfully drawn characters.”

—Daytona Beach News-Journal


“Twisty...horrific...genuinely spooky,”

—Ed Gorman, Mystery Scene


“There are very few crime writers today who consistently write compelling & exciting thrillers. Robert W. Walker is not only one of those few, he is elite amongst them.”



“Chilling and unflinching...”

—Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel


“If you are a fan of Patricia Cornwell, you’ll enjoy...ingenious, well paced, worthy of the bestseller list...very likeable and believable characters.”

—The San Francisco Examiner


Trade Paperback:

Publisher: Prospective Press; First Prospective Press edition August, 8th 2017

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1943419523

ISBN-13: 978-1943419524

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