Prospective Press is now accepting manuscripts. Submitted manuscripts must be original and unpublished. Desirable manuscript lengths are 65k to 100k-words for adult fiction, 60k to 85k for young adult, 45k to 70k for mid-grade, and typically no more than 40k for elementary school age. Pre-reader and Early Reader works are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but should be of reasonable length. Please do not submit fan fiction. Read the entire Instructions section below and follow the directions before submitting.

Prospective Press is now accepting short story submissions. Submitted stories must be original and unpublished. Story length of 2k to 15k-words is encouraged, but we will read everything from flash to novella-length works. Please do not submit fan fiction. Read the entire Instructions section below and follow the directions before submitting.

We are now specifically seeking short fiction in these genres:


Science Fiction — with a focus on AI, Cybernetics, and Man/Machine relations in SF Dystopian & SF Utopian settings;

Speculative Fiction — focused on Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Modern Horror, 20-Minutes in the Future, AltHist, and Cyberpunk & other punks;

Horror and Paranormal — specifically stories related to hearses, morgues, mortuaries, graveyards & cemeteries, mausoleums, and funerary rites.


Instructions for prospective Prospective Press authors


Read these instructions carefully; incorrectly formatted submissions will be read last, if at all. The subject line should be formatted as such:


     Query for ​(genre) manuscript (MS title) by (author) for (target age), (word count) words.


Submissions should be contained exclusively within the body of the e-mail message (attachments will not be opened and links will not be followed) and consist of:


1) salutation, author(s) name, tentative title, word count, prior publication record, and relevant contact information;

2) query letter section--neatness and form count—containing a short summary and a long summary; and

3) the first 5,000-words (approx. 20 pages) of the MS (or up to 5,000 for shorter works) embedded in the body of the message.


Allow six to twelve weeks for a response if submitting unsolicited materials. Multiple concurrent submissions to the press may be made so long as only one MS is included in each query. We discourage the submission of manuscripts that are concurrently submitted to other publishers.


We read a cross section of genre fiction—in all age ranges: Elementary, Mid-grade, Young Adult, and Adult—and some non-fiction. The 'What We Read' list is entirely inclusive—if you don't see your genre or topic on there, we don't read it.


What We Read


We currently have open submissions for short stories and will be reopening our novel submissions Jan 1st. We are focusing on short story submissions for upcoming anthologies.


We DO Not take Poetry (please see Press 53), erotica, clichéd romance, pornography,  mysticism, devotionals, miracle diet books, memoirs, biographies, fan fiction, horror porn, or political screeds.

For manuscript-length works:


For short fiction works:




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