Paige L. Christie

Paige L. Christie was raised in Maine and lives the North Carolina mountains, writing speculative fiction, walking her dog, and being ignored by her herd of 3-legged cats. Always a nerd, obsessive about hobbies like photography, Ghawazee Dance, and listening to the characters in her head, Paige can be found slightly left of center.

As a believer in the power of words, Paige tries to tell stories that are both entertaining and thoughtful. Especially of interest, are tales that speak to women, and open a space where adventure and fantasy are not all about happy endings.


Paige's Book signings and author events:


Panelist at ConNooga February 24th in Chattanooga, TN

Author Guest at JordanCon, April 20-22, Atlanta, GA

Pick up Paige's Books at:

The Cottage Craftsman, Bryson City, NC

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