Off the Beaten Path 2: Eight Tales of the Paranormal


Series Editor Jason T. Graves


(Off the Beaten Path, volume 2)


"Les Enfants du Sang" by Scott Roche

"The Coal Miner's Demon" by Angela Roquet

"The Crack Up" by Robert W. Walker

"The Ice Cream Social" by Meri Elena

"Bad Bunny" by Suzette Vaughn

"Up From the Lake" by J. Thorn

"Pixie Played" by Jasie Gale

"In Summerfall, the Dragons" by Shervin Kiani


5 Stars Via Goodreads

Delightful shudder

By medfair Via Amazon


It's been quite a long time since I had so much fun reading. These eight short stories belong to the Fantasy&Horror genre and all the authors acquit themselves at least very well. For readers who like a good horror tale with wit and (sometimes goulish) humor, this anthology offers a couple of hours of good time. The stories that I loved best were: The Coal Miner's Demon by Angela Roquet -she manages to set a juicy she-demon story in the middle of a rural present. perhaps on par with the Monkey's Paw or Pollock and the Porroh Man. Good stuff! Next is The Ice Cream Social by Meri Elena - set in a pedestrian academic environment working on plants (how more academically boring one can be), it is delightful in its surprises and a really great ending. The best comparison that comes to mind is Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl. Finally - Pixie Played by Jacie Gale- a great mini-tale in the best tradition of Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson, with a dash of Roger Zelazny. Packed with action and believably incredible -Wow!. The last choice, In Summerfall, the Dragons by Shervi Kiani is not uniform enough throughout. The major line is lyrical, poetic, dreamy - in a word, very good writing. The connecting sequences of conflicts with parents, step-sister, the boys on the beach, with the world in general - detract from that quality. Very original, nevertheless. Get it, read it, you won't regret it!


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