by Meri Elena


Jason isn’t afraid of monsters. He is a native of Brunswick, the small town where the weird, magical, undead, and otherworldly live alongside humans in peace. What Jason does fear is middle school. To his relief, he makes a new friend immediately—Alex, a vampire and fellow Brunswickan. When Jason finds himself pursued by an unknown enemy with deadly intent, Alex and his formidable housemates take the boy under their protection It soon becomes apparent that the ancient prophecies they have been studying are inextricably linked to Jason’s current crisis.


On another continent, a teenager named Richie is desperately searching for someone who might explain why his nightmares come true and how to make them stop. An encounter with a werewolf almost ends his quest forever, but he is rescued by an eccentric stranger who believes Richie will be able to get some answers from the maddeningly elusive physician Sally Kitch. Someone, however, seems determined that Richie and Sally never meet.


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5 Star Via Amazon By Cynthia Dawn Coble Canoy on January 20, 2014


I have read her other books...This one will be just as great....Can't wait for this on to get to me!! -Dawn



4 stars Via Amazon By Georgethegirl on June 7, 2014


I loved reading about Brunswick! The place and it's people had plenty of secrets, and I loved uncovering them. The way people were connected, in ways they didn't even know, was also fun. The story itself was fun. The paranormal aspects of it were not the same old same old, and the characters were likeable and interesting. It took me a while to really care for them, but by the end I did, and desperately wanted to see the resolution. But of course, this is only the first... I'll definitely snag the next as soon as it's available.


Paperback: 250 pages

Publisher: Prospective Press; First Prospective Press edition  (September 13th, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1943419337

ISBN-13: 978-1943419333

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