Diary of a Fed Up Teacher

by Chip Putnam


The parents say, "My child is perfect, so it must be the teachers' fault that he's failing!" The administrators say, "These tests are perfect, so it must be the teachers' fault if the students are not performing well." The elected officials say, "The state is in a dire financial crisis...it must be the greedy teachers' fault...they're bleeding us dry!" I say, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Finally, a teacher speaks out about the state of public education and the truth of the modern classroom in this fictionalized autobiography of a year in the life of a high school teacher.


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5 Stars Via Amazon By A. Gould on January 7, 2015

Chip has created a realistic look at what teachers in North Carolina are facing. Teachers don't go into the profession to make money. Most are highly dedicated and well educated human beings who care and want to be that positive difference in children's lives. However, our state has found ways to slash pay, to take away promised bonuses, and to torture students and teachers alike by requiring massive amounts of testing, raised class sizes, and putting the blame of low student performance on teachers. Teachers are not a part of any decision making yet they are the ones on the "front lines." With twenty-some years of experience with both low and high achieving students, Chip shares his year in the classroom as he struggles to inspire his students amidst the changes the NC Legislature has imposed. This is a very realistic picture of what our teachers face in NC schools today. Thank goodness North Carolinians can still rely on excellent teachers, like Chip Putnam, who are loyal to helping their students succeed.


5 Stars Via Amazon By Belabat on June 30, 2015

Format: Paperback

Full of numerous anecdotes about teaching high schoolers in public schools. Entertaining.


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