Chip Putnam


A 1993 graduate of UNC Charlotte, Chip has dedicated the past 22 years to teaching high school science. He has had the pleasure of meeting wonderful and fascinating people in that time who have provided inspiration for many characters in his writing. While the field of science is not the area of expertise normally associated with an aspiring author, he has always been a dreamer and would often enter into the world of his own imagination at a moment’s notice. This love of dreaming—coupled with a passion for books plus a tendency to weave storytelling into his lessons—created in him a desire to write. Building on the encouragement he had given to countless students, he followed his own dream, and his first novel, Diary of a Fed Up Teacher, was published in 2014 by a now-defunct North Carolina publisher. It will be re-released soon as a Prospective Press title. The Guardians of Knowledge is his second published novel.


He received honorable mention from the 2011 Words of Love contest sponsored by the Writer’s Workshop of Asheville, NC for the short story A Lesson in Love at Haversaw High. In 2012, his short story, The Cat’s in the Cradle Curio Shop won first place in a postcard story contest, and was published on the website Postcard Shorts. In 2012, his short story, The Reason Why Grandmothers Should Not Be Allowed To Read Vampire Novels placed 2nd in a panel reviewed contest. Also in 2012, he was a finalist out of 1,400 entries in a Writer’s Digest “First Things First” contest for writing a prompted opening sentence. The finalists’ opening sentences are printed in the January 2013 edition of Writer’s Digest. Two of his short stories, The Reason Why Grandmothers Should Not Be Allowed To Read Vampire Novels and Prairie Zombies, are included in the anthology Off The Beaten Path published by Prospective Press. Most recently, his manuscript Mr. Judy: The Advice Man advanced to the Quarter Finalist stage of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.


He has been married for twenty years and has two daughters, ages eleven and thirteen. He lives in North Carolina.





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