​The Alewife: Curse of Obsession

Volume 1

by  Jason T. Graves


In the chill, choppy waters of Newport Cove, Doug Sandow watched helplessly as his best friend slipped beyond the boundary of breath and death, sinking into a restless mausoleum, never to be seen again. A dozen years later, Doug returns to Maine, not to mark the passing of his friend—long since faded from thought—but to partake of a romantic, week-long vacation with his wife, Jillian.


The hopes they carry are simple: a time of relaxation and intimacy, a renewal of their marriage, and the pregnancy that Jillian has longed for. As they settle into the creaky charm of the century-old Pequot Hotel, their peaceful seclusion is disrupted by the appearance of Meeka, a self-described “Alewife,” and the years-ago recipient of an evening’s rivalry between teenaged Doug and Brian. A contest that Doug won and almost cashed in on—after she offered herself to him the next day—only to have their tryst interrupted by Brian’s untimely demise.


Meeka, waitress and witness; Doug never saw her again either.


Until now.


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4 Stars Via Amazon
Engrossing read that accelerates the action and ratchets up the tension as the plot unfolds. You may think you know what comes next but I can nearly guarantee it will surprise you. There are now images in my heart that I truly hope do not show up in my dreams and I mean that as a compliment. I would call it an excellent beach read but by half way through the beach is the last place you will want to be. Make sure and add it to your summer reading list anyway.



5 Stars By Mary Jo Tsitouris  Via Amazon

This book is brilliant! The layers of mystery and secrets in this book are mind-boggling. It kept me completely occupied for a full day while I kept racing through all the twists and turns to find out what happens. At it's conclusion, I was left wanting to know more but will obviously have to wait for the sequel. It's not typically the type of book I would read, but I'm glad I did. I would almost say that it is a horror novel, but I don't have much under my belt in that category to compare it to. It's certainly terrifying in parts, especially the 2nd half of the book. I would definitely recommend this book to others looking for something that's a little different.



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